The Mini Apple

Minneapolis has literally everything any urban explorer could ever want. Why it is not the most densely populated city in the country is beyond me – I have a hunch it has something to do with winters and in the interest of not attracting too many MPLS newbs, I’ll brush quickly over the fact that the city is so beautifully equipped for winter that you’ll hardly ever even find yourself dealing uncomfortably with it.


Minneapolis and Saint Paul consistently top the list for the greatest parks system in the country, so if you’re looking for a park find your way over to Minnehaha or Loring – or just type park into your google maps finder and wander to the nearest one. You’re never more than a quarter mile from a park in the twin cities, use this to your advantage!


Looking for something more adventurous than a picnic in the park? Rent a kayak on Lake Calhoun or bring your rollerblades up to Lake of the Isles. Join the masses of active, happy, Minneapolitans populating all corners of the beautiful, blue city.


Looking for some nightlife? Look no further than the iconic First Avenue Nightclub downtown – not only did Prince immortalize the spot in his beautiful 1984 semi-biopic Purple Rain, but they continue to host some of the most joyful and fun dance events and concerts in the city. Plus, it’s a great place to meet locals who can direct you to fun neighboring spots.